Rick Jeffrey

Lean Expertise

Rick Jeffrey's experience includes 15 years of Lean Consulting and a 26-year career in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry. As a practitioner of Lean, he spent nine years driving multiple Lean deployments and integrating Lean into business strategies. A Consultant since 2001, he has facilitated the rapid deployment of Lean into Client operations in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Recent clients include The Boston Beer Company, Mueller Water Products, and Sunny Delight Bottling Company.

Beyond the vast Lean "shop floor experiences", he has led deployment of Lean into many service businesses and functional areas beyond the factory floor including accounting, customer service, HR, sales, distribution, healthcare, supply chain management, innovation and engineering.

He was trained under the tutelage of the well known Japanese group Shingijutsu Consultants and US based Moffitt Associates.

In his assignments at the Wiremold Company, reporting directly to Art Byrne - Chairman and CEO, he played a key role in the implementation of this landmark lean conversion as documented in the book "Lean Thinking". Rick was operating executive at the Brooks Electronics division and later became the President of Wiremold-Europe, a major Wiremold holding with plants throughout the UK and in Poland. In this role, Rick was a key participant in the well-known Wiremold lean transformation; during his European assignment, he completed six acquisitions and lead their deployment into Lean.

His experience includes significant due diligence and post acquisition integration of companies to augment product offerings, and then the deployment of lean principles to achieve world class operational performance. As was typical at Wiremold, Rick along with all other executives participated on a daily basis with operational improvements as well as integrating the aforementioned acquisitions.

Among the posts held by Rick during his Wiremold career were

  • President - Wiremold Europe
  • Vice president - Pre-wired Raceway Operations - Brooks Electronics

Prior to his Wiremold tenure, Rick held various Marketing and New Product Development positions at Crouse-Hinds, Division of Cooper Industries and at Pass & Seymour a North American subsidiary of Legrand.


Rick was educated at Clarkson University where he earned a B.S. in Marketing. In addition he has specialized training in Quality Function Deployment, Leadership Development and Six Sigma.

Rick operates his consulting practice from his home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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