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James J.Cutler

President and one of the original partners of Moffitt Associates, Jim Cutler has implemented Lean initiatives around the globe and is a recognized expert in leading companies in their complete Lean Enterprise transformations. He is experienced in applying Lean principles across varied entities, including manufacturing, service, administrative, healthcare and government organizations.

Jim has worked extensively with all organizational levels, from senior executive leadership to front line associates, with board directors and enterprise investors. During his career he has been a trusted consultant with private equity firms, portfolio clients and many leading public and private companies including Andersen Corporation, TORO, Parker Hannifin, Esselte, MAAX, Joseph Abboud, Sunny Delight, The Stanley Works, Honeywell, Legrand Wiremold and Sheridan Healthcare. He has worked extensively in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Jim has been a disciple of Lean transformation since the 1980’s when he experienced first-hand two key business improvement philosophies. Within General Motors Components Group (later Delphi) he had extensive TQM training directly with Dr. Edwards Deming and his consulting team and applied those concepts within operations under his management. Subsequently, Jim traveled to Japan several times and was exposed directly to operations within Toyota, gaining knowledge and appreciation of the Toyota Production System.

Later he joined Danaher Corporation where he was fortunate to work with the principals of Shingijutsu Consulting Group, who were the key innovators responsible for implementing TPS with Taiichi Ohno. There he drove an enterprise-wide Lean transformation and was involved in the early formation of the corporate-wide Danaher Business System.

Since that time, Jim has implemented Lean transformations in Operations Executive Leadership roles and with consulting clients worldwide.

Jim holds a BSME from Clarkson University where he was a Presidential Scholar and elected to Tau Beta Pi and Pi Tau Sigma engineering honor fraternities. He earned his Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Marketing and General Management.

Jim is the President & CEO of Moffitt Associates and operates the company’s consulting practice from his office in Vero Beach, FL where he resides with his wife.

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