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Marty Carroll

Marty Carroll is an outcome-oriented senior executive with over 40 years' experience in various manufacturing industries in North America and Europe. Marty has 35 years' experience in Lean and has implemented lean principles in many countries, giving him extensive knowledge on how to turn around companies using a lean business strategy.

He began his lean journey with The Wiremold Company and worked with some of the world's greatest lean practitioners, such as Art Byrne, Orry Fiume, Gary Brooks, Rick Jeffery, Mary Pat Cooper, and Hans Cooper. Early on during his 16 plus years at The Wiremold Company he was identified as a change agent and received World Class Lean training by Shingijutsu in Japan, and by Moffitt Associates in America.

Marty, as a senior-level executive, led and executed various business strategies utilizing a heavy dose of lean principles, and creativity, while being midful of budget concerns. Marty understands that leadership, strategy, and accountability comes from top management. That waste reductions or cost reductions, quality, safety, and profits come from the associtates in the Gemba.

At Esselte Inc., Marty served in the role of Senior VP of Operations. This role had both the VP of Procurement and the VP of Distribution report to him. This role was uniquely designed to eliminate barriers and the silo mentality between organizational functions. A lean role designed to eliminate the waste of sub-optimization (one function of the organization benefiting at the expense of the other) and to speed the implementation of lean throughout the enterprise.

During his time at Esselte, Marty implemented lean at the multiple plants, distribution centers, and was involved in the integration and transformation of multiple acquisitions into a lean environment. The procurement team with Marty's direction used lean procurement principles. Marty values those who drive lean with passion, are open to new ideas and not afraid getting out into the Gemba.

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