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Kaizen Sketchbook: Description and Table of Contents

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Kaizen merges work and process improvement without increasing chaos because diverse teams of contributors, including direct operators, follow a strict discipline to design a precise choreography of people, equipment, materials and information flow that is devoid of waste. The improved flow achieves delightful success and is sustained through consistent leadership and visual controls.

The Kaizen Sketchbook explains and illustrates Kaizen in hundreds of pages of color illustrations, charts, demonstrations and step-by-step examples. It is a walking slide show of best practices and idea catalysts. Including an extensive glossary, index and very selective timeline, this portable guide will inspire, instruct, and support consistent application of Plan, Do, Check and Act Kaizen.

The author, Marypat Cooper, has compiled over 20 years of process improvement experience into the Kaizen Sketchbook, including her notes from multiple sessions with Dr. W. Edwards Deming as well as over 14 years under instruction by students of Taiichi Ohno. She has combined the technical features of kaizen with the social aspects, including numerous office applications together with production floor examples to give the reader timeless value.

The illustrated glossary has over 250 Kaizen related terms. Step-by-step instructions for prioritizing issues, taking time study and resolving team conflict are organized, accessible and portable. Value Stream Maps and Strategy Deployment are extensively explained and fully drawn in color.

Table of Contents
Forward by Gary Brooks, CEO of Esselte 7
Introduction by Jim Cutler, President of Moffitt Associates 11
How to PLAN Kaizen
Kaizen Topic Selection 23
Affinity Process with Inter-Relationship Diagraph 28
Value Stream Analysis 33
Simple Value Stream Map Icons 37
Strategy Deployment 53
Communicate the Kaizen Topic Selection 65
Kaizen Team Selection 59
Team Roles and Responsibilities 67
Ground Rules 74
Essential Forms and Supply Checklists 77
How to DO Kaizen
Kickoff 86
Observe Safety 87
Observe the 5 S 85
Direct Observation of Work through Space 103
Direct Observation of Work in Terms of Time (Construction of Standard Work Forms) 113
Useful Data and Sigma Tools 133
Find the Best Idea 145
Idea Catalysts 159
Implement the Best Idea 166
Specific Examples of Kaizen 169
To Build a "House Without Waste" 171
Kaizen for a Better Work Area Flow 172
Office Kaizen 178
Setup Reduction Kaizen 186
Kaizen for Better Internal Material Flow 192
How to CHECK Kaizen
How the Staff Checks on the Kaizen Team: the Daily Leaders' Meeting 198
How the Team Leader Checks Kaizen Progress Hourly 201
How a Facilitator Checks and Intervenes as Needed 203
From Plan to Do to Check to ACT! 213
The Final Presentation 217
How to ACT Kaizen
Regular and Productive Attention to Standard Work 219
On Leadership 228
A Very Selective Timeline 233
Lean Enterprise Assessment 237
Recommended Reading 241
Sample Curricula for Standard Training Modules 243
Glossary 245
Index 281

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