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Defining Articles of Lean Enterprise (from the Kaizen Sketchbook – A Comprehensive Leadership Guide to Successful Transformation)

  1. Every work activity is a process with input, action and measurable output.
  2. Waste is any activity, condition, variation, cost or constraint that does not contribute to the purpose of the organization.
  3. Time is a primary basis of evaluating work and waste.
  4. The role of Leadership is to help people use materials and equipment to achieve the purpose of the organization in the least-waste-way.
  5. The “top-down” organizational model of “divide and conquer” is merged with the horizontal model of “unite and prioritize.”
  6. The operational model of Lean Enterprise is based on achievement of customer demand, expressed as Takt Time, to set up One Piece Flow triggered by a Pull System.
  7. Operational Leadership behavior is based on real-time facts understood in context and respect for people.
  8. Strategic Leadership behavior is based on selecting and sustaining the few initiatives critical to organizational long term survival.
  9. Everyone in the organization depends on consistent, driving, fact-driven and trust-building leadership.
  10. No one in the organization is satisfied with current levels of process performance.

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