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Case Studies

Pass & Seymour/Legrand

Selecting Moffitt Associates instigated a major change in our businesses culture.

During my career, I worked from "the books" using some of the Lean tools for years prior to having Moffitt Associates guidance. Those results were local with had very limited impact on the overall business.

Moffitt consultants, people that have actually run companies, started our journey by requiring a commitment by top management to a long-term journey using Lean concepts to change the thinking and behavior of all Associates. They helped us believe that Lean is a business strategy and must be tied to the key business objectives of the company. We learned how to use the tools of Lean (kaizen, mapping, pull, etc.) as the means to see the need for change and then to deliver lasting results.

After five years of their help, the processes used to deliver value to our Customers are 100% different. Across our North American operations our finished goods inventory replenishment times have gone from 10-15 days to 1-12 hours, inventory turns have almost doubled, and our Customer quality complaints have been cut in half. All of this while maintaining our industry leading Customer Service!

The focus from top management and the long-term expectation that actions must be aligned to the business objectives keeps us on track and continues to deliver significant results.

Sheridan Healthcorp

I began working with Mary Pat Cooper of Moffitt Associates in early 2006. The only way to describe the last two years is "amazing". Mary Pat has taken me on a journey that I will never forget. The beginning of our journey was bumpy and many times I felt like jumping out of the vehicle? I feel like we are now finally on the final leg and are close to reaching our destination. What a ride it has been!

Mary Pat has been blessed with a tremendous gift. She is truly the best "teacher" I have ever had. We have spent countless hours together reviewing everything from safety issues to high level corporate goals. She never misses the opportunity to see the lesson to be learned and to teach it! I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Mary Pat and Moffitt Associates.

As an executive in a growing organization, I was skeptical of Lean Methodologies and how they could be applied in the healthcare industry. It only took one major Kaizen event for the benefits of these methodologies to be realized. Productivity has increased, processes have been and are being streamlined, management silos are being broken down and most importantly, the operators have a say in the path the organization will take in regards to process improvement.

The social side of change is the most difficult. This realization did not come until we were well into the process. The tools are simple and very easy to use. It is managing the social side of change that clouds our judgment on the use of the tools. Each step we take brings us closer to becoming a Lean organization. My feelings have gone from trepidation and fear to excitement and appreciation.

Thank you Mary Pat and Moffitt Associates for truly changing my life and the future of this organization.


Moffitt Leads to Core Success

In hind-sight, it should have been mission impossible: design and validate an additional production line capable of twice the capacity of existing lines, yet uses less space and fewer operators. To complicate matters, this Core products line had to be built from scratch and fully operational within 2 months. But 3 years later, a dedicated kaizen team comprised of front line operators through to top management looks back proudly to on-time delivery on all fronts of what is now proven and recognized as the corporate flagship, thanks to the Lean mentorship of Moffitt & Associates' Mark Hamel.

The intense, 5-day kaizen event began with a training session in which team members were sufficiently enlightened to Lean principles to take a leap of faith, abandoning existing paradigms to view what we have always done through a different set of eyes. The team of Lean rookies then set to develop a Current State Value Stream Map; the hands-on observation and documentation process was stirring and exciting revelation to even veteran staff as they learned to see.

Once alert to the real obstacles and the winning opportunities within grasp, further lean training enabled the team of growing enthusiasm and comprehension to develop countermeasures epitomized in pro-forma standard work documents and scaled production floor layout. These were validated through synchronized simulations as well as by immediate productivity gains on existing lines.

Final results promised increased unit production by 87%, 56% improved personnel productivity, using 18% less real estate. The team was guided through development of a Value Stream Improvement plan complete with specific project milestones, measurables, and accountability to ensure realization of anticipated benefits by the 2 month deadline. At the close of the event, the exhausted yet immensely satisfied team presented the week’s activities and results to a local audience of shop floor and administrative staff, winning their confidence and respect for the Lean process and a prosperous future to come. It was a truly pivotal moment in the company’s lean journey and working relationship with Moffat & Associates.


"Moffitt Associates has been an invaluable partner in our transformation efforts at Esselte. Consistent in approach, Moffitt Associates are also flexible enough to adapt to our fast-paced environment in Canada, the United States and Mexico. For Esselte it is important that we act as one team, and it has been a big advantage to use Moffitt Associates Consultants in doing so. And perhaps, most importantly, Moffitt Associates are willing to tell us what we may not want to hear. No other consulting company besides Shingijutsu is able or willing to do that for us.

Overall, we have achieved breakthrough results in productivity, inventory management, customer satisfaction, and margin.

Moffitt Associates is very responsive to Esselte; I can pick up the phone any time and have lean expertise applied whenever and wherever we need.

MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

Using Moffitt Associates, we:

  1. Improved predictability in terms of quality & throughput
  2. Reinforced that quality processes are at the core of a lean supply chain
  3. Played a critical role in mentoring future leaders of the organization in the requirements and discipline to be a lean leader


The Bilco Company has worked with Moffitt and Associates since beginning our Lean journey in mid-2003. We have had the good fortune to have Craig Robbins as our sensei for this entire time. Craig brings to Bilco a tremendous wealth of knowledge on how to deliver value to our customers. He has led us through value stream mapping, order-ship-delivery improvements and, of course, operational excellence.

Under Craig’s direction and tutelage, we have seen gains in almost all aspects of our business. Our working capital turns have increased by 42% in the last two years. Our lead times for most products have been reduced by 50%. We have implemented a toll gate process and the 3P methodology to improve our new product development launch process. In the past year, we have launched our first pacer line with mixed models of products. Finally, the measure of quality on our flagship product line has improved by 67% in the past year.

Craig has guided us on the path of improving value to our customers, our associates and our shareholders. He has consistently delivered measurable value to our business.

Moffittlean Association